Your Guide to Crafting the Perfect Proposal: Dos and Don'ts

The moment you decide to propose is the first step towards a shared lifetime, filled with endless future memories together. That is why you want to make this moment count by planning a perfect proposal. Some of your friends and family may have some beautiful proposal stories while you may have heard about some not-so-great proposals.  At EMBR, we understand the weight of this moment and are here to guide you through planning an unforgettable proposal — with the perfect ring to match.


The Don’ts of Proposing

Avoid Unnecessary Surprises

Before you plan the specifics of your proposal, make sure you and your partner are on the same page about your future together. Some people love surprises, but surprising your partner with a proposal when you haven’t discussed marriage can lead to an uncomfortable situation. Have clear discussions to gauge your partner’s stance on marriage, ensuring the proposal is a delightful surprise, not a shock. Understanding and communicating with your partner will ultimately yield for the best results even if they see your surprise coming.

Choosing the Ring Wisely

An engagement ring is a symbol of your love and commitment that they will cherish forever. Don’t take a wild guess on what she might like. Pay attention to the hints she may drop about her preferred style, or you might even try stalking her Pinterest. Consider asking her friends or family for advice as well. However, since you know your partner the best, you may want to go ring shopping beforehand for those who know specifically know what they want.

Public Proposals: Think Twice

While a public proposal can be romantic for the right couple, it's not suitable for everyone. Proposing in front of an audience can put immense pressure on your partner to say yes or even worse, she could say no, leading to discomfort for both of you. Consider what your partner would prefer — a public declaration of love or a more intimate moment shared between just the two of you. More often than not, an intimate proposal usually allows for best results.

Ditch the Script

While it’s important to plan your proposal, avoid sticking to a rigid script. While you may still want to have an idea of what you may say, speak from the heart. Your words don't have to be perfect, but they should be genuine. Expressing your true feelings and the reasons you want to spend your life with your partner will make the moment even more special. Remember, sometimes less can be more and don’t try to go overboard.


The Dos of Proposing

Personal Touch

Make your proposal as unique as your relationship. Think about the moments, places, and experiences that define your love story. Whether it's a simple home-cooked meal or a return to where you had your first date, planning your proposal with personal significance will make it truly memorable. Plus, consider not only where you will propose, but what else you could incorporate. Adding unique touches like your favorite song playing in the background or a picture collage showing the memories you shared can enhance the overall uniqueness of the proposal.  

Capture the Moment

Whether you hire a professional photographer or set up your own camera on a tripod, capturing the proposal is something you’ll both cherish for years to come. A close friend can also be an option if you can’t hire a professional. Also, consider the location of your proposal and timing so you can find the best lighting (usually right before sunset). These photos or videos will not only be a beautiful reminder of your love but also a treasure to share with future generations.

Always Have a Plan B

Life is unpredictable, and sometimes things don’t go as planned. Sometimes a sudden change in weather can change your plan for a beach proposal or any outside destination. Thus, having an indoor backup plan will ensure that your proposal is memorable for the right reasons. You may also want a backup plan if you’re running late or have a mix-up with a reservation. Flexibility can turn a potential mishap into a wonderful story you'll tell for years to come.

The Ring Matters

The engagement ring is a symbol of your love and commitment. At EMBR, we pride ourselves on helping you find or create the perfect ring that symbolizes your unique bond. From tungsten to ceramic rings, our team is dedicated to ensuring that when you open that ring box, your partner's eyes light up with joy and love. Our ring collections are sure to find something for every couple and even if you don’t find the right engagement ring, there are plenty of wedding rings that could be the perfect fit for you or your partner.

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