• What is Damascus steel?

    What is Damascus Steel? Damascus Steel is a metal composed of multiple different steels that have been layered and then forged together multiple ti...
  • The Ultimate Guide to Men's Rings: How To Choose The Right Ring

    Rings have been a significant part of men's fashion for centuries, serving as the perfect accessory to complete any outfit an often a symbol of so...
  • Tungsten Rings: Your Most Durable Option

    Tungsten Rings: The Durable Option for Your Finger When it comes to choosing a wedding band or any other type of ring, there are a lot of factors ...
  • Tungsten vs Damascus steel: The battle of durable metals

    When it comes to choosing the right metal for a particular application, there are many options to consider. When it comes to mens wedding bands, two of the most popular choices are tungsten and Damascus steel. Both metals have their own unique properties and characteristics and both suitable for your choice of ring!
  • Hypoallergenic Rings

    "Hypoallergenic" - a term that's been around since the 1950s, and used to describe everything from beauty products to pets. So what does it really mean?

  • Tungsten Rings For The Zombie Apocalypse

    Are you tired of constantly having to replace your ring because it's been scratched, bent or dented? Well, have no fear because EMBR's tungsten ri...
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