7 of The Worst Wedding Fails

Whether its poor wedding planning or just unfortunate mishaps, I’m sure you have seen a wedding that might have fallen apart. In no specific order, here are some of the worst wedding fails we’ve seen. Hopefully these fails will help you feel better going into your wedding and not worse because these are the absolute worst-case scenarios.


1. Divorce at the Marriage?

Probably not quite the wedding reception they hoped for. It’s ironic to think that when your daughter is celebrating her marriage, you both want to announce your divorce at the same time. Moments like this can completely change the whole feel of a wedding reception. There’s not much the couple could have done to avoid something like this that was completely out of their control.


2. Safety Pin Dress

No bride wants to be stressed and uncomfortable on their wedding day. Like the post said, this could have easily been avoided if the dress was tried on after having it altered. Don’t worry about whether it is bad luck or not to try the dress on before, comfort and peace of mind are top priority.


3. Plenty of Wine (at least)

The lesson here is that you should be in full control of your guest list. Having others, like your mother-in-law, managing your guest list is acceptable, but the couple should be highly involved in the process. The second comment shows how this same situation was luckily avoided, although it must have been awkward for those guests who were uninvited.


4. First Dance to Remember

This was certainly a first dance for this couple that they will never forget. This might be some bride’s worst nightmare, so here’s some precautions you should take. Although your wedding day will be chaotic, make sure you are properly hydrated. For all brides, make sure your dress/corset fits properly and won’t be suffocating you the entire night. As far as overheating, make sure you can control the venue’s temperature or consider fans and shades if you are planning an outdoor summer wedding.


5. "Lets Take a Jumping One!"

Although jumping pictures make for a pretty cool shot (although one person always seems to jump at the wrong time), they could lead to a disaster like this. There are plenty of other picture options that are easier, or you might consider taking heels off for the jumping shot. If not, you could end up like this bride who cried as there was surely a very awkward dance party also going on.


6. Dove Debacle

Releasing doves at your wedding is a unique choice that is quickly going out of style because of the ethics behind releasing doves who might not survive for long. This happened to be much sooner for these doves who ended up dying before even being released. Surely these bird handlers got in big trouble for animal abuse. Not only can you feel bad for these helpless doves, but it ended up scarring those who saw for the rest of the wedding.


7. Fight Club

Although no one expects a fight to break out at their wedding, it is important to consider who might not get along or might cause problems. Guests should be carefully chosen to avoid confrontation of any kind at your wedding. On the bright side, at least one uncle was able to enjoy his night.


What We Learned

Although some of these weddings were absolute disasters, they at least made it memorable for all parties involved. If there is anything we have learned about these fails is that you should double, or triple check your wedding plans because you can never be too sure. Also, be careful who you allow to manage your guest list and who is invited.  Finally, rest easy knowing that you couldn’t possibly have a wedding worse than these couples.


What’s your worst wedding story? Share with us below!

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