11 Wedding Trends You Will Most Definitely See in 2024

While 2023 weddings certainly didn’t disappoint, get ready to be wowed by the upcoming weddings in 2024! With 2024 already kicking off, we wanted to make sure we cover the 12 most popular trends that you are bound to see this year. You may even find something you want to incorporate into your own future wedding. Now let’s dive into the new fads that are set to shape the landscape of weddings this year.


1. Wedding Weekends

The traditional one-day wedding affair is making way for an extended celebration – the wedding weekend trend. Couples are opting for a two-day extravaganza, usually having the ceremony on Friday following the reception on Saturday. This allows for more intimate moments, more special gatherings, and a better transition from ceremony to celebration. This approach not only adds a touch of luxury to the event but also provides a unique experience for the couple and their guests.


2. To-Go Desserts

Say farewell to the conventional wedding cake and welcome the era of to-go desserts. This trend emphasizes personalized and convenient sweet treats that guests can enjoy at their leisure. From packaged macarons to individually crafted dessert jars, couples are exploring creative ways to sweeten their guests' experiences and leave a lasting impression. Couples are  also keeping their wedding cake, passing it out to guests during the celebration, and then packaging the rest to hand to couples on their way out. This way there are no desserts that are wasted.


3. Drones

Elevate your wedding celebration literally and figuratively with the inclusion of drones. Drones are being used primarily at outdoor weddings for photography and videography. They are easily able to offer a bird's-eye view of the ceremony, capturing breathtaking aerial shots and providing a cinematic perspective. They are also being used for drone shows which are a perfect alternative to a firework show. Although they are expensive, they provide a different kind of magic that can be tailored to create a unique and unforgettable experience.


4. Creative Guest Dress Codes

Guests, get ready to showcase your style as weddings embrace creative dress codes. From themed attire to color-coordinated ensembles, couples are encouraging guests to express their individuality. This trend not only adds a playful element to the celebration but also creates a visually stunning atmosphere as guests embody the chosen theme. Not every wedding needs to be traditional and weddings in 2024 are pushing that limit. Keep in mind that these guest dress codes might work better at smaller celebrations because expecting 100 or more people to comply just isn’t practical.


5. Candid Photography

The days of stiff, posed wedding photos are giving way to the authenticity of candid photography. Couples are choosing photographers who specialize in capturing genuine, unscripted moments – the laughter, tears, and raw emotions that define a wedding day. Candid shots contribute to the narrative of the wedding day, telling a story that goes beyond the scripted sequences. The result is a photo album filled with memories that reflect the true essence of the couple and their loved ones.


6. Digital/Audio Guest Book

Transforming the traditional guest book experience, couples are embracing technology with digital and audio messages. Some messages simply cannot just be expressed using just words. Guests can now leave heartfelt video messages, creating a dynamic and interactive keepsake for the couple. Other couples are including audio books where guests can record things to say. The inclusion of vintage elements, such as an old-fashioned phone for these audio recordings, adds a charming touch of nostalgia to this modern trend.


7. Dress Separates

Brides are breaking away from traditional wedding gown norms, opting for dress separates that come in two pieces. The allure of dress separates lies in their ability to offer brides a level of versatility and individuality that traditional wedding gowns may not provide. Mix and match skirts, tops, and even jumpsuits allow brides to curate a look that perfectly aligns with their personal style. This trend not only provides a contemporary twist to bridal fashion but also ensures comfort on the big day.


8. Champagne Towers

One trend that is making a grand comeback in 2024 is the revival of the classic champagne tower. This elegant display of cascading champagne glasses adds a touch of sophistication to wedding receptions. Whether it's a grand centerpiece or smaller, scattered displays, the champagne tower creates a visually stunning and celebratory focal point, enhancing the overall ambiance of the event. Aside from the visual appeal, champagne towers contribute to the overall guest experience. The interactive nature of serving champagne from a tower fosters a sense of community and engagement among guests.


9. Unique Live Entertainment

Move beyond the ordinary DJ at your wedding and embrace the extraordinary with unique live entertainment. Couples are diversifying their wedding experiences by incorporating live bands, artists, magicians, and even fire breathers into the celebration. This trend ensures that guests are entertained throughout the event, creating a dynamic and memorable atmosphere that goes beyond the traditional wedding experience. This entertainment should ultimately fit with your celebration and your personality as a couple. 


10. Seated Wedding Parties

In a departure from wedding parties standing during the marriage, the trend of seated wedding parties is gaining traction. Couples are going against tradition and choosing this option for the comfort of their guests. Long ceremonies can be physically demanding for the wedding party and this makes it easier for guests who may have challenges. Couples looking to embrace the seated wedding party trend can work with their ceremony planners to create a seating arrangement that suits the overall aesthetic and theme of the wedding.


11. Sustainable Weddings

As environmental consciousness grows, sustainable weddings are becoming increasingly popular. Couples are incorporating eco-friendly practices into their celebrations, from choosing locally sourced and organic menus to utilizing recycled and reusable décor. They are also sending digital invitations instead of paper ones. This trend not only aligns weddings with broader environmental goals but also adds a sense of responsibility and mindfulness to the celebration of love.


Exploring Wedding Trends with EMBR

There you have it – a detailed exploration of the 12 wedding trends bound to define 2024. Whether you're planning your own wedding or eagerly anticipating an invitation, these trends promise to infuse celebrations with innovation, style, and a touch of magic. Embrace these evolving traditions and here's to a year filled with love, joy, and unforgettable celebrations!

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