What Should My Groomsmen Wear For My Wedding?

If you’re a groom, you might be struggling with what your groomsmen should wear for your wedding and you certainly don’t want to ask too much. Luckily, there isn’t one perfect way to do it, but there are some different options you should consider, especially if you’re on a budget. Deciding on suits or no suits, tie and pocket square options, and color aesthetics all play a role as you decide on what your groomsmen should be wearing. With all these options, EMBR is here to help you find the groomswear that works for you.


Buying Suits for Groomsmen

Traditionally, groomsmen usually buy their own suit for the special occasion. However, if you have a large enough budget, you could buy their suits for them. This will ensure that all of your groomsmen have the same color suit, and it can also help out those who may not be able to buy your desired suit on their own.


  • Uniformity: Everyone looks coordinated and sleek.
  • Photogenic: Ensures that the wedding photos look professional.


  • Cost: Buying a suit for each groomsman can be expensive.
  • Logistics: Managing sizes and fittings for everyone can be challenging.


If you decide to go this route, consider looking for group discounts or sales during off-peak times of the year. Some retailers offer wedding packages that can reduce costs significantly. However, there might be a better option besides having the groom buy the suits or the groomsmen buying a brand-new suit that they might not ever wear again.


Coordinating with Existing Suits

A more practical option is to ask your groomsmen to wear a suit that they already have. Most of your groomsmen will hopefully have a black suit already on hand which makes things easier. Even if one of your groomsmen doesn’t have a suit that color, they can always rent a suit for a day which is much cheaper than buying a brand new one.


  • Cost-Effective: Significantly reduces the financial burden on you and your groomsmen.
  • Comfort and Individuality: Groomsmen wear suits they already own and are comfortable in.


  • Uniformity: Suit styles may still differ even if they seem to be the same color. Keep in mind that every groomsman may not look the exact same.  


Although the suits may not all be exactly uniform, there are other ways that you can help everyone to coordinate. Consider buying your groomsmen matching ties and pocket squares that fit with the aesthetic of your wedding.  With plenty of styles to choose from, EMBR strives to offer quality groomswear at an affordable price.


Going Without a Suit Coat

Although you might have envisioned all of your groomsmen wearing a suit at your wedding, it might not be practical with the weather or destination of your wedding. A button up shirt with nice slacks could be exactly what you need. Pair this with matching ties or bow ties and you can still have all of your groomsmen looking good for your special day.


  • Flexibility and Comfort: Can be perfectly suited to outdoor, summer, or destination weddings where heavy suits might be impractical.
  • Cost-Effective: Eliminating the need for suits can significantly reduce expenses for your wedding party


  • Less Formal: May not fit the tone of a traditional or formal wedding.
  • Cohesion Challenges: Without the uniformity of suits, it might be harder to achieve a cohesive look.

Featuring EMBR

Our range of bow ties and regular ties are perfect for adding a touch of sophistication without the formality of a full suit. Whether you choose a floral print design like Quicksand Roses or a more solid color like Light Sage, EMBR has something for every wedding aesthetic you’re going for.


Additional Styling Tips

Here are some other tips that could help you out as you try to put together the look you and your fiancé want for the groomsmen:

  • Color Coordination: Choose certain accessories, like ties and pocket squares, that complement not only the groom and the bridesmaids, but also the wedding décor.
  • Accessories Matter: Don’t forget about shoes, belts, and watches. These can make or break the look that you’re going for.
  • Personal Touches: Encourage groomsmen to wear a personal item, like a unique pair of socks or custom cufflinks, to maintain the individuality of each person in the wedding party.
  • Weather-Wise Choices: Select fabrics and colors that are appropriate for the season. Lighter fabrics and pastel colors work well for spring and summer, while darker tones and heavier materials are ideal for fall and winter.


Final Thoughts

Although we’ve mentioned many different options for your groomswear, going with what works for you is key. Whether you go with formal matching suits or more laid-back button up shirts, EMBR has ties and pocket squares that will work for any wedding. Ultimately, EMBR Rings is now offering affordable groomswear with quick delivery to ensure that all your groomsmen will be there to support you at your wedding.

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