EMBR Rings vs. Revolution Jewelry: 6 Differences You Should Know

With all the wedding ring providers online, it can be hard to know that you’re buying from a reputable brand. Not only that, but you also want a wedding band with the right materials, pricing, warranty, and aesthetic for you. In this comparison post, we will be looking at two quality men’s wedding ring providers, EMBR and Revolution Jewelry. Although both these companies offer unique and durable rings, they have some key differences between them that set them apart. We will now get into discussing the product customization, affordability, warranties, return policies, customer satisfaction, and other additional perks for each brand.


1. Product Options and Customization

Revolution Jewelry is known especially for their unique custom ring designs. With their Custom Ring Designer Tool, you can create a ring with your desired band, inlay, finish, and engraving. They also offer an extensive collection of options, including various golds and metals, exotic woods, and unique inlays, making each ring very unique.

Conversely, EMBR does not offer this same level of customization. Our focus is on crafting rings that are not only beautiful but incredibly durable. We specialize in materials such as tungsten, ceramic, and Damascus steel—each offered in unique styles and colorful inlays. While custom designs like engravings are not offered by EMBR, we strive to include rings in our collection that can appeal to every individual.


2. Pricing and Affordability

Because of their customization options, Revolution Jewelry has a much higher price tag on their rings. These can range anywhere from $300 to $10,000. Choosing from Revolution comes at a cost which may not be for everyone. If you are planning a more budget-friendly wedding, this might not be the right way to go.

EMBR, on the other hand, offers more affordable rings without compromising on quality. We want your ring to last a lifetime without you having to spend a lifetime’s worth of savings. EMBR wedding rings range from about $150 to $500, making them accessible to many couples.


3. Warranty and Support

Revolution Jewelry offers a free 2-year warranty, which covers only manufacturing defects of the ring. This means that they won’t honor the warranty if you happen to lose your ring or cause damage to it yourself. Overall, this free warranty doesn’t offer much so you would have to pay for their lifetime warranty if you wanted better coverage.

Rings from EMBR come with a free lifetime warranty that covers not only any possible defects, but also any loss that might occur. You may want to consider EMBR if you want this lifetime warranty guaranteed without having to pay extra fees on top of the price of a wedding ring.


4. Return and Refund Policies

Revolution Jewelry allows returns or refunds within 14 days from delivery. Although this is appreciated, this is not as long as EMBR’s refund window. Switching your size is also costly since they require a size exchange fee of 20% of the ring price within 30 days, and a 40% fee after 30 days. Plus, these exchanges are only for sizes, which means that you cannot change the width or style after purchase.

EMBR offers a more customer-friendly 30-day return and refund window. We understand the importance of flexibility, especially when wedding plans may change. This is why we also provide unlimited free exchanges for up to 90 days post-purchase. In addition, you can also exchange for a different width or style, no questions asked. EMBR is adept at meeting your needs and finding the right ring for you.


5. Additional Perks and Offers

With every purchase from Revolution Jewelry, customers receive a complimentary silicone ring. This is a thoughtful touch, especially to those who lead active lifestyles. However, it's also important to note that Revolution Jewelry does not offer free shipping, which means you might as well be paying for the silicone ring anyways.

EMBR, in contrast, provides free shipping on all orders and we guarantee delivery within 2 business days. Although we do not offer free silicone rings like our competitor, we do offer to send a free ring sizer before your purchase so you can find the right fit.


6. Customer Reviews and Trust

While Revolution Jewelry is absent from review platforms like Trust Pilot, EMBR maintains a 4.7 rating. Customer satisfaction is our main priority, and we strive to make sure couples enjoy their experience and their rings every time.



Choosing between EMBR and Revolution Jewelry ultimately comes down to what matters most to you in a wedding ring. Revolution excels at offering completely customizable rings, although they falter in other categories like warranties, refunds, and customer satisfaction. EMBR does not offer as many options as Revolution, but we strive to give couple’s a great experience and a durable ring to go with it.

We invite you to explore EMBR's Ring Collection to discover a wedding band that may work for you.

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