Comparing Northern Royal and EMBR Rings

There are countless online wedding ring providers and simply browsing a company’s website doesn’t always tell the whole story. Today, we're narrowing down your options by comparing two brands in the market: EMBR and Northern Royal Rings. Both companies provide high-quality men's wedding rings at affordable prices, but they also have their unique benefits and drawbacks. By comparing each of their product designs and offerings, customer engagement, and overall service we hope that you can find the right wedding ring provider for you.  


Product Diversity and Design

Northern Royal Rings:

Northern Royal specializes in unique nature designs that are perfect for the avid outdoorsman. In their wedding bands, they incorporate unique elements like wood, antler, and even fishing line. However, their outdoor aesthetic means that they have limited color options, and their designs tend to focus on specific themes. In addition to few bright colors, Northern Royal offers a relatively small collection for women, which may not appeal to couples trying to find their rings in one place.

Despite these drawbacks, one additional perk that Northern Royal offers is a free silicone ring with each purchase, providing a bonus for their outdoorsy customers who need a flexible band.


In addition to our sleek metallic wedding bands, EMBR also offers wood and antler rings. Although this is a smaller selection than Northern Royal, EMBR still offers unique nature themed rings that stand out. EMBR also offers a wide range of bright colored bands and inlays unlike Northern Royal. These rings are also not just for men, we also provide a large women’s selection which includes special couple bundles.

While EMBR provides more inclusive offerings than Northern Royal, we do not offer silicone rings or provide a free silicone ring with purchase. This may be a downside for some purchasers, but our main focus is providing quality wedding rings for every couple,


Product Sizing and Accessibility

Northern Royal Rings:

Northern Royal has inconsistencies with the listed ring sizing on their products. Some of their bands range from size 4.5 to size 13.5, while others range from 7.0 to 15.0. This could be especially difficult to find the right ring if you have large or small fingers, since your size may not be available. Also, most of their men’s wedding rings only come with 8mm wide bands. This means they do not offer 6mm bands which are a great option for men looking for a slimmer ring. Ultimately, Northern Royal offers many unique wedding rings that you may like, but they may not always be in the width or ring size that works for you.  


At EMBR, we ensure that sizing is never an issue. Our rings always have consistent sizing across all models, with sizes ranging from 4 all the way to 14. We also offer every men’s style in both 6mm and 8mm widths unlike this competitor. If this isn’t enough, we also send our consumers a free ring sizer so they can make sure they get the right fit before we send our ring to them. While EMBR may not have the specialized designs that Northern Royal has, we make sure that you get the right size every time.


Customer Affiliate Programs

Northern Royal Rings:

Affiliate programs are when an individual can earn rewards by marketing a company’s products. Northern Royal does not currently offer an affiliate program, which could be a drawback for customers looking to earn rewards through referrals.


EMBR values and fosters customer relationships through our “Embassador Program”. This program allows our loyal customers to refer others and earn rewards. This program is a testament to our commitment to creating an EMBR community and rewarding our loyal customers who love our wedding bands.


Customer Satisfaction and Trust

Northern Royal Rings:

Trustpilot, an online review community, can indicate the overall customer satisfaction that a company has because it has real and unbiased reviews from real couples. Unfortunately Northern Royal is not on Trustpilot, but this could be a challenge for couples trying to gauge other customer’s experiences and satisfaction.


EMBR strives to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and trust. With EMBR's 4.7 rating on Trustpilot, we strive to reflect our dedication to the quality of our rings and our timely service. Although this doesn’t mean EMBR is “better” than Northern Royal, it can help couple’s looking to place their trust in a wedding ring provider.


What’s the Conclusion?

Both EMBR and Northern Royal Rings bring unique offerings to the table, each with their own strengths. Northern Royal appeals to those looking for rugged, outdoor-inspired designs, while EMBR offers more versatility with the style, size, and color of their rings. Our best advice is to find a wedding band that works for you and from someone you can trust. Make your decision with confidence and remember that the perfect ring is the one that feels right to you.


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