Comparing EMBR and Brilliant Earth: Choosing Your Wedding Ring

When choosing which wedding ring to go with, you also want to make sure you’re buying from the right place. Today, we’ll be taking a look at two wedding ring providers in the online community: EMBR and Brilliant Earth. Similarly, they both offer high quality men and women’s rings and strive for sustainability. However, they also differ with their price points, product variety, delivery, and customer service. We’ll be comparing them on each of these levels to help you decide the better option for you.


Price Point and Value

Brilliant Earth is known for its more luxurious wedding ring collections, featuring diamonds and other metals like gold, platinum, and more. While these are popular and more traditional wedding ring materials, they come with a higher price tag. Plus, these wedding rings also require frequent upkeep, and they can also lose their shape over time despite watchful care. However, this still makes Brilliant Earth an excellent choice for those who value traditional luxury and are willing to invest considerable time and money.

In contrast, EMBR offers an affordable alternative without compromising on style and quality. Our bands are crafted from hard, durable materials like tungsten, ceramic, and Damascus steel. These rings are designed to last a lifetime with very minimal maintenance. Although the more luxurious metals are not offered by EMBR, our rings are perfect for those seeking a tough ring that can keep up with their lifestyle.


Product Variety and Design

Brilliant Earth boasts a wide variety of wedding rings, primarily focused on classic designs while also offering some contemporary options like tungsten or titanium. While this may appeal to those who like a gold or silver band, they do not provide many colored options. Although they provide great customization for engagement rings and interchangeable gemstones, their options for men are much more limited. 

EMBR does not have nearly the catalog of wedding rings that Brilliant Earth, but they do have a unique selection that makes up for it. These rings feature vibrant color inlays and bands that can speak to any couple. Our collection is tailored for those who seek to express their individuality and personal style through their wedding band.


Delivery Times

With wedding rings that are primarily Made to Order, Brilliant Earth provides a custom experience, but it often results in longer wait times. This can be highly inconvenient when you’re looking for a ring before an engagement or a wedding. However, if you have plenty of time then this isn’t something you should worry about.

EMBR strives to provide quality wedding rings at your convenience. That is why all EMBR orders are shipped within two business days, ensuring that your ring arrives promptly. This is perfect if you’re working with a deadline and need your wedding band ASAP.


Customer Satisfaction and Reviews

Despite providing luxury wedding rings, Brilliant Earth has a TrustPilot rating of 2.0. Unfortunately, this is not a great score for Brilliant Earth although it does not mean you should never buy a ring from them. This is simply an indication that their customer service may not be up to par with other wedding ring providers. Another reason could be from their ordering process. When ordering certain sizes online it may require calling their customer service, which can be inconvenient for couples.

With a high TrustPilot rating of 4.7, EMBR displays its strong commitment to customer service. With Trust Pilot being an unbiased review site, there are customers constantly thanking us for the quality of our wedding rings, the efficiency of our service, and an overall positive shopping experience. Unlike Brilliant Earth, our straightforward online ordering system allows customers to choose any size directly from our website without having to speak to anyone.


Wrapping Things Up

EMBR and Brilliant Earth may both cater to different couples with different preferences. If you’re a couple looking for a more traditional lavish wedding ring with plenty of options, then Brilliant Earth is the way to go. If you’re a couple looking for a more durable and unique wedding band, then EMBR might be your cup of tea. Whichever you may choose, we hope you can find rings that speak to your love as a couple, as well as your preferences.  

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