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Our Story
The Birth of EMBR
Our story began amidst the struggles of a previous successful business venture where our passion for creating rings was first born. EMBR was imagined as an opportunity to have our own new beginning. We felt we had more to give, perhaps something even better than the last time. We had an EMBR blazing deep down, ready to spark a new flame.
With this motivation EMBR was born. EMBRs are the heart, soul, and passion of the fire. They are the basis and creation of the heat. EMBRs remain long after the flames have burned out and are also used to ignite new, resilient fires. Like our rings, an EMBR represents longevity, entrancing design, intense durability and new beginnings. The EMBR brand was shaped with these same ideals in mind.
Everyone has a unique story encompassed with different experiences and hopes. For this reason, we draw upon each one of you for our inspiration. EMBR is a collaborative compilation of affordable, beautiful pieces that are designed with you in mind. Regardless of where you are in your journey, let EMBR celebrate your story with a timeless piece that speaks to you.
We hope these rings keep your fire burning, as they have ours. 

Your friends,
Brit & Daryl


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