Tuff Ring - Silicone Ring - EMBR
Tuff Ring - Silicone Ring - EMBR
Tuff Ring - Silicone Ring - EMBR
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Tuff Ring - Silicone Ring

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TUFF rings are so much more than a silicone ring. They provide a safe, functional alternative to the traditional metal band.

It doesn't matter if you are working out at the gym, fixing up your truck or wanting a constant reminder of your commitment to someone special — we have your back. Each ring is stamped with the TUFF logo to symbolize our commitment to serve you, and our flag to symbolize our commitment to our country.

EMBR is proud to partner with Tuff Ring to provide you an awesome silicone ring that's built to last!

You've chosen to purchase an EMBR ring and we're sure you're going to love it--just ask our 80,000+ happy customers. We want to make the rest of your ring buying process as simple as possible so we've included a handy ring size chart and some helpful tips below to make your search for the perfect ring that much easier. If it still isn't quite right the first time (and this ring size chart generally helps with that), not to worry. We are more than happy to exchange it for the perfect fit with absolutely zero hassle. Enjoy shopping stress-free today!

How to find your ring size using this ring size chart:

Finding your ring size is simple.

  1. Cut a piece of string or paper and wrap it around the finger you wish to purchase a ring for.
  2. Mark the length of string or paper to a comfortable fit.
  3. Measure in MM (Millimeters) the length of paper or string. This is the circumference of your finger.
  4. Find your circumference on the size chart below, and you have found your size!

*The average men's ring size is size 10. The average women's ring size is size 6.

46.68 14.82 4 4
47.75 15.20 4.5 4.5
49.07 15.62 5 5
50.35 16.03 5.5 5.5
51.58 16.42 6 6
52.27 16.64 6.5 6.5
54.52 17.23 7 7
55.32 17.61 7.5 7.5
56.73 18.06 8 8
57.71 18.37 8.5 8.5
59.12 18.82 9 9
60.72 19.33 9.5 9.5
62.04 19.75 10 10
63.24 20.13 10.5 10.5
64.43 20.51 11 11
65.81 20.95 11.5 11.5
67.07 21.35 12 12
68.17 21.70 12.5 12.5
69.30 22.06 13 13
70.62 22.48 13.5 13.5
71.84 22.87 14 14

Ring Widths

We carry rings in three different widths: 4mm, 6mm, 8mm. For a heavier, more noticeable fit, select a wider ring width. For a more streamlined, minimalist fit, choose a narrower width.

EMBR Ring Width Sizes
Ring Widths Demonstrated

International Orders

Different countries have different ring size chart systems. When placing an order, keep in mind we use American sizes. Use the ring size chart above to find your perfect fit!

Return & Exchange Policy

If EMBR doesn't live up to your lofty expectations or you're in need of an exchange, we will take responsibility and make it right. No excuses, no talking to the manager, no unnecessary waiting periods. Just drop us a line and we'll take care of it.