Hypoallergenic Rings

You may have heard "we have a hypoallergenic pet that doesn't shed" or have read "hypoallergenic" on a shampoo label. So what in the world does this have to do with wedding rings? First, let's define "hypoallergenic".

"Hypoallergenic" - a term that's been around since the 1950s, and used to describe everything from beauty products to pets. So what does it really mean?

Well, the word "hypo" means "less than" or "beneath" normal. So, when it comes to "hypoallergenic," it implies a lower risk of an allergic reaction. Here at EMBR, we are committed to avoiding the use of materials that can cause skin irritations & rashes.

Here are some of those metals that are known to trigger allergic reactions:

    1. Nickel - this metal is a common allergen and can cause skin symptoms as it breaks down when exposed to sweat or water.
    2. Copper - while this metal is usually hypoallergenic, it may weaken over time and may be reinforced with nickel alloy, which can cause an allergic reaction.
    3. Lead - this metal, sometimes found in metal alloys (yes, even in today's day and age), can cause severe reactions and congenital disabilities. Even small amounts in jewelry can cause skin irritations.
    4. Cobalt - Cobalt allergies may not be as common as other metal allergies, as they affect only about 2% of the general population. However, they can manifest as contact or irritant dermatitis and should be avoided if you have any skin irritation or allergic concerns.

While some traditional metal rings may cause skin irritations, rashes & allergic reactions, our rings at EMBR will provide you with a comfortable, care-free solution. Made from materials like titanium, tungsten, ceramic and Damascus steel, these rings are less likely to cause an allergic reaction and more likely to make you feel like the hero you are. Void of nickel, copper, lead or cobalt, our rings should help you feel safe & comfortable and don't require you break the bank. With some of the most affordable, high-quality rings on the market, EMBR is sure to have a unique band that will tell your unique story & save you a bunch in the proess.

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